11 October 2009

Okay, break's over...

I was feeling a bit punky last week, so I took it a little easier on the bike...that ended Friday.
Friday, I rode the Salsa and did a true, 30 minute cross simulation, including dismounts and mounts and a few run-ups. I concentrated on maintained a consistent effort and metering that effort at certain different points of my double secret practice loop. A certain very strong Cat1/Masters racer from out West turned me on to this idea. Figure out where on the course you NEED to go balls out and where you can recover a bit. It was a good effort, though I think I could have gone harder.
After that, I fiddled around on some singletrack down by the river. I found a KILLER, old-school, W121 Mercedes 190 that's crying out to made into a street-rod. And by old-school, I mean early-60s...! It begging for a ladder frame, tubs and a SBF. Makes me warm thinking about it!
Saturday, I rolled to the gate to see if anyone would show. Lo and behold, there was actually a good group. We did Double Elon across to the flats. On the transition into the flats, we traversed the Straits of Chihuahua. A completely different rodent, er, chihuahua ran out and attempted to remove TVH from his bike. I could have sworn I heard the little pup say his name was Inigo Montoya.

It was a fun ride with a good group. It was also punctuated by a couple of very crisp and painful efforts, courtesy of FK and BenJ. On, and BenJ got a new bike...I know, fucking SHOCKING! AND it's carbon!!!

This morning, the weather was crap. Breezy, overcast and low-60s. The MTs wanted to go to the Airshow @ McEntire ANG base, so I choose to do the road version of the HoP(tm). I did a Bond-style warm-up* and clicked it into the 52. I kept it in the 52 and the pace between 35-40kph until a passed Crusty's house 50 minutes later. A quick turnover and we were on our way to see some firepower!

Unfortunately, the ceiling was @ 1000ft, so the planes couldn't go up. The helicopters put on a good show and the MTs lost their collective shit when the tanks started bombing around on the field. The static displays were very cool as well. I got a special, one-on-one tour of a P-51D fighter. Un-GD-believeable warbird! The old fella that owned it was hella cool as well...how could you own a P-51 and not be?

Yoga and foam roller tomorrow....

*Bond-style warmup is the little ring to the end of the street...

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