29 October 2009


I figured out a new Hour of Power(tm) loop. It's got everything you can fit into an hour. A couple of long sections for tempo/efforts, a couple of short hills to big ring up, and options to make it longer, if necessary. If the prevailing wind is blowing, it's also headwind out and tailwind home, which is nice! It will known as HoP2 from here on out.
I didn't try to kill it yesterday, as it was wet, but I did the loop in 1:07. That time can, and will, be easily eclipsed with little effort. Everyone should have a loop like this...

I'll be out on the bike tonight and tomorrow morning, somewhere, if anyone wants to join me. Don't forget Bond's Halloweener ride on Saturday morning. 8:15 at the Food Lion in Blythewood. 8:15 is ROLL OUT! If you show up late, you're chasing us up 21! The planned loop is @ 110km and the pace should be tolerable...30-35kmh.

And if you're following it, the douchebag driver in L.A. took the stand finally. If ever there was a person who truly needed a Kershaw, he's it!

Dumb shit of the day: Courtesy of The Great State of Texas
So asshole prisoners get preferential treatment over children, the elderly and pregnant women? Nice! Stay classy Texas!

And Contadork has to stay with Astana...ha-ha! Good luck winning Le Tour next year! He and Vino should be good roomies throughout the year. The "tension" between Vino and Alberto will make LeMond/Hinault or Lance/Alberto look like arguments between JV cheerleaders!

Whoa, look at the clock...it's nap time!

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