25 August 2016


I didn't do an update early in the week. I know you missed it...
We had a nice little group last Saturday morning, and we had a good ride...with plenty of breaks. Thanks to TG for riding shitty tires!
He had a flat on the way to meet us, and destroyed his spare tube AND his co2 apparatus. TVH gave him a Bontrager XXXXXXXXXXXXL tube, which, as we've discussed, suck a mile of ditch water.
It lasted about an hour, which has to be some kind of record for one of those shit tubes, as most of them either fail immediately, or are defective out of the box.
We had a nice spot to wait though...
Strangely, there were no mosquitoes. The upside to flatting next to a shrimp-farming pond.
There were no further mechanical issues, even after we were forced to traverse a dirt section.
We came home the hilly way, and I blame Taylor again, as he lives out near LR. Move to Shandon FFS!
Sunday was a deathmarch. It was short, and not hard, but a travail nonetheless.
Plenty of heart and lungs...no legs. I could have ridden 30kmh all day. Anything more than that wasn't happening.
Still got a good 2 hours, and a good nap when I hit the door.

Rode the Salsa on the dirt both days this week. Not a fan of riding solo on the road much anymore. Easier and safer to stick to the dirt. And WAAAAY better than going out to the Fort...ever.
Felt decent Tuesday. Felt pretty good today. 2 hours both days. Actually made a bit of an effort today to blow out the carbon.
AND it was 75 degrees this morning, which is way more preferable to the 95 degree silliness that's happening outside as I type this.
And I discovered something...
The Clement LAS CX tires are preferable to the Strada LGG, in pretty much every way.
More supple, turn better on AND off road, are more comfortable on AND off road, and float over loose stuff.
The Strada LGGs are okay for what they are, but now that I've ridden the LAS and LGG back to back, I'll take the LAS every time.

 F yo Sprinter van. I'll camp in this...
 Don't know where you're going unless you know you've been...
 Double chainrings AND cantilevers? If it's good enough for Sven, it's good enough for you!!
Hey Mike...how about a red C60?

Ok...enjoy the rest of your week. I'm gonna take a nap now...

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