27 February 2017

The week that was...

Ups and downs...
Felt good (for most of the week), and rode pretty well. It was Chamber of Commerce nice here last week.
Actually, no...it wasn't...it was terrible. You don't want to come here...ever! ;)-

Normal loops both Tuesday and Thursday...in short sleeves and bibs. It was terrible.
Started doing a little interval on one section of the loop. It's a good test that gives me what I need. 7 minutes +/-, rolly, with a couple of draggy sections, and an ugly climb to finish.
Where? LOLZ. Not telling. Too many Columbuses around...

The wind was brisk again last week, and came to it's denouement on Saturday. Blowing from the WSW @ 15-20mph.
We headed across the river. It was the very last time I will ride out on 321. Ever. The climbs are nothing. The wind was nothing. The rednecks, in a hurry to get wherever they go on Saturday morning, were the issue.
We got buzzed WAY too many times. It's just not safe. Dean said F it, and turned around. Can't say as I blame him.
We went back looking for him, then just did the Tues/Thurs loop. Still ended up with 75km...AND got a ripping tailwind home.
Sunday was markedly cooler, and I was Juan Solo. The Heathens all bailed. Weaksauce.
I went out and stomped out 2.5 hours, and got home with another 70km.
What you guys missed :

This is where my day went sideways...
I ate lunch, and headed out to LexCo to pick up Junior Management. On the drive home, I felt wonky. I chalked it up to the fact I didn't eat/drink enough on the ride.
Once home, I laid down on Clifford the Big Red Couch. As a preface, I've been having trouble with my right ear for about a week. Just felt...well...full...
As my thimble-like bladder began to betray me, I got up to hit the bathroom. Nope.
My ear was KILLING me. Equilibrium? Shot in the ass. Crazy dizzy...to the point of serious nausea.
FUCK! In my (ringing) head, I thought, "FLU..."
My hands were tingly, ear hurt, vision wonky. Sweaty. GD it.
I crawled, literally, to bed, covered up with the sleeping bag and passed out. This was @ 5:30.
The next thing I knew, my alarm went off @ 6:00am. 12-1/2 hours of crazy dreams, sweat, and rolling around like a baby elephant in mud.
I feel okay today. Not great, but passable. No ear pain, no dizziness, no nausea. Weird. The body is an odd thing. Guess my batteries were flat, and it was time for a system shutdown/recharge.

And some sad news. We lost a member of the family last week...
RIP Admiral Ackbar. You were a good fellow. You will be missed...

OK kids...gonna be nice this week. Go Outside.

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