13 March 2017

Mother Nature

You knew it was coming...
Everyone was enjoying the short sleeve weather. Hell, I loved it. The tanlines are already tightened up...in March.
But you knew it wouldn't last. If you've lived here for longer than a week, then you'd know that Mother Nature does peculiar things.
Sunny and damn nice at the end of last week. I rode W-Th-F, all in shorts and short sleeves. The warmth was nice. The wind...not so much. The pollen...yeah...that's funny.
Yes...that's a cross tire. No, that is not dirt. That's pollen. And it was only 8.8/12 on Wednesday.
Still did 50km on the knobbies.
Thursday was worse. The wind was stiff. Clouds of yellow floated across the road. Lovely. I did a couple of big efforts on the hills, and got nice and sweaty. Thus, I returned to SC with a nice coating of pine pollen. The little yellow crystals on my eye lashes were sublime.
Still got 60km in 2 hours.
The forecast was for rain ovenight. The hope was that the pollen would get washed away. Well, it did...sort of...
It washed into large puddles. The Noah was foul when I got back after 3 hours. The ride started wet, gray, and cloudy. It ended pretty well...
Honestly, I don't think it rained out on the other side of the ridge.
Swansea and back. 3 hours. In the wind. Solo. Big fun.
No ridey over the weekend.
The Duke had a T-Ball thing on Saturday. And Sunday...yeah...Mother Nature took our warn weather and gave us a gray, snowy day. None of it stuck, but I wasn't going out in it.
Back on the horse tomorrow. The group ride is supposed to fire up, but as the first ride is always a dangerous clusterfuck, I'll be Juan Solo in the morning. Not to mention the wind is supposed to be right @ 20mph tomorrow evening. You guys enjoy that. I'll see you next week.

Two more from the "If you don't know..." file...

Lots of stuff going on in both photos. If you don't know who, nor what...well...

Two wheels good!! BMW R90T Scrambler. Change nothing. Send it to Service Course. I'll make room.
 And four wheels not always bad, but in this case...
Seriously? Sorry about your penis Sir.
The perspective is a little off in the pic. That's a full size, crew cab Chevrolet. I could have pulled the hood of my Yukon XL UNDER the side of it.
The amount of impracticality is staggering. I question whether it's actually street legal.

Okay kids. It's Monday. Keep your heads down!
Supposed to be warm again by the middle/end of the week. Go outside.

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